Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What the War Taught My Mother

This is a reading of "What the War Taught Her," a poem about my mother's experiences in the slave labor camps of Nazi Germany. She spent 2 and a half years in those camps. The poem appeared in my book about my parents, Lightning and Ashes.

The reading is one of a series posted by Henryk Gajewski. To see more of the readings, click here.


The Gajewski site also contains videos of Polish American writers Cecilia Woloch, Linda Nemec Foster, Mark Pawlak, Leonard Kress, and Phil Boiarski.


Danuta Hinc said...

This is very powerful, well written peace. A true testimony to how we, humans, are shaped in the most horrifying moments of our history.

The Tame Lion said...

Let's peace reign! Yeah!