Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nightmare's End--One Soldier's Story

My wife's Uncle Buddy was one of the GIs who liberated the many concentration camps in Nazi Germany.  Several years ago he was interviewed by documentarians making a film about the liberation of the camps.

Here's a part of his statement:


Here's another post I did about Uncle Buddy and his war time experience.  Click here.


Charles Fishman said...

Thanks for posting this video, John. At one of the Visiting Writers Program events at Farmingdale State--most likely in the late 80s--I was given an envelope that contained photos of Ohrdruf, taken by one of the liberators. Of course, like your wife's uncle, most of the GIs who entered the camps were unprepared for what they found & were not really there to liberate anyone. Few outside the camp universe at that time had more than an inkling of what existed in that immense hell on earth.

Anonymous said...

Very powerful. God bless him for telling what he saw. God bless all those poor souls who perished there and in all the ruthless murders that took place in the "bloodlands". I don't agree with the previous comment that the GI's were not there to liberate anyone...they liberated all of Western Europe, these camps included. Unfortunately, they were not able to continue on and liberate Eastern Europe. The history of Europe would have been much different had they done so. So I thank your wife's Uncle for his role in the partial liberation of Europe and also remember the 400,000 Americans who died there and in the Pacific who gave absolutely everything in the liberations.
Wiliam H. Szych

Anonymous said...

Michael Calendrillo tears are palpable even fifty years later. The quote that stays with me: You've got to stop things before they get started.

We - the human community - have been very bad at stopping things before they get started.

Christina Pacosz

Anonymous said...

As incredibly painful as that was to watch I think your Uncle Buddy is so right - we can't forget and we can't let it happen again. What a good man.

Stacey Krueger Barton

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for telling your story. It is so important that we don't forget.

Anonymous said...

His humanity shines through. I am grateful to your uncle, my father, and all the men and women who were a part of the allied forces who witnessed and attempted to address the horrors of WWII.

Bob Konings said...

Everyone should see this video, so we never ever forget. Thanks for posting this. A big respect for you uncle.