Thursday, June 4, 2015

Another Satisfied Reader of Suitcase Charlie

Author Sandra Kolankiewicz gasps at my novel Suitcase Charlie!

You can gasp along with her!  Suitcase Charlie is available at Amazon as a Kindle or a paperback. A sample chapter is also available at Amazon.

Sandra's latest book of poems is The Way You Will Go.  Also available at Amazon.

Here's the title poem from that book:

The Way You Will Go

It will not begin with your heart  
though your fingers may go numb.

One day you’ll know it’s time to trade 
that philosophical surf board for benefits.

You’ll reluctantly roll your dreams
into your pocket, where you can keep

your hand on them all week long, especially
when you need courage.  Soon you’ll begin

to meet other persons like you, forever
exchanging their right with their left, wearily

shifting one foot to the other in the grocery
store, the dentist’s waiting room, getting their

tires changed, similar strangers whose insides,
or the insides of their loved ones, have acquired

some strange price tag attached to a history
of autoimmune dysfunction, apoplectic

collapsing, perhaps facial tics accompanied by
obsessive nail picking.  From now on, experience

is reduced to the actuarial projection
of the genetic proclivities of thin skin

and fragile bone, like a Curt Explanation
of the obvious outcome of a clogged artery,

a Frank Dismissal of the vagaries of night
sweats and coated tongues, a Direct

Warning about the consequences of
diabetes just in the moment before the Extreme

Cancer Tale is recounted—the details of which
only the few ever appreciate or understand!—

as if sickness were a language one learns
only in its country of origin!—

all uninsurable, unlike the vase my dear auntie
mailed me right before she unexpectedly

gave way, an extra $1.40, the green and white
label she and the man in the uniform signed

together in some modest post office in the

Adirondacks, a cricket chirping in the corner.

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