Monday, August 14, 2017

White Supremacists

My parents suffered under German Nazism

White supremacists told my parents they were subhuman, just mules and pigs.

My parents were enslaved for years and saw their family and friends slaughtered.

My family spent 6 years in a refugee camp in Germany waiting for America to allow us in.

We were told that America would be different.  

We were told that in America we wouldn't have to fear Nazism.

I want to believe that again.

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Anonymous said...

I want to believe this again about America too. I look at my 14-year-old son, the grandson/great-grandson of Polish and Ukrainian refugees who also spent years in Wildflecken, and worry for his future. I look at his classmates, his friends - Dreamers, Muslims, LGBTQ, etc. - and I fear for their future. Trying to channel my worry and fear into something productive.