Thursday, October 9, 2014

Village of Cold Houses -- an Excerpt from Road of Bones

Road of Bones:  That's the title of my forthcoming novel (Červená Barva Press) about two German lovers separated by war.  It's set in Berlin and the Russian Front during one cold week in January of 1945.  The main characters are Hans, a soldier, and Magda, a widow and his lover.

Hans is a fictional representation of the German soldiers who killed my mom's family in 1942.

I wanted to write about him so I could better understand what happened to my grandmother and my aunt and my aunt's baby.

WIPs -- an online journal that offers excerpts from novels in progress -- has published a chapter from late in the Road of Bones, along with an interview in which I talk about writing the book, my motivation and the problems finding a publisher.

Please take a look.

Here's the interview:

An early chapter of the novel entitled "The German" was published by Ontario Review.  

I've posted that chapter here at Lightning and Ashes.  Just click HERE.

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Maureen said...

Excellent interview, John. Hearty congratulations for your novel. What a great example of your persistence and of your belief in your work.